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Wheelchair accessible toilets - Warsaw

Unfortunately, the wheelchair user public toilets are quite poor and you will find it difficult to find them in Warsaw. We were trying to do a survey of the facilities, but the results aren’t very satisfactory. Easy access toilets are available at the MacDonald, the KFC restaurants and all hotels. Most shopping Centers will also have them too. As for the other places, the situation varies.


Museums & Galleries

We understand, that considerable attraction of every great city constitute its museums and galleries, which are willingly visited by tourists. Satisfaction ours clients in this area we also take to ours hearts, so we present some information about accessibility of such buildings below:


Churches and historical sights

Churches and historical objects are attractions, without which many tourists don’t imagine city sightseeing. So these cannot fail in our offer under any circumstances. Warsaw has many such interesting objects. We present here a brief information about their accessibility. We hope that it will help you make a decision to visit many interesting places.


Music & Theatres

Participation in a musical performance or theatrical play make rich every city tour very much. We suppose, that our clients can request such variety of stay in Warsaw also.


Restaurants - Polish cuisine

Warsaw sightseeing takes some exertion, so breathing spaces are indispensable in our touristic plans. Nice to sit for a while in Warsaw restaurants and cafes and to share own feelings with each other.

There are numerous accessible restaurants for wheelchair users within Warsaw and outside. Please contact us and find and book a nice place with polish cuisine.

Public transport

The Polish Underground /METRO/ and buses

The Warsaw underground offers easy access by lift and the trains are equipped with seating space for disabled passengers. Every station has an accessible public toilet. However, not all trains can be entranced by a wheelchair passenger. The train models purchased from Russia because of very high steps are not so friendly for the disabled.