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Medical tourism

We would like to invite you to visit the Polish Health Spas. What is the definition of Health Resort?

Health Resort – as defined by the Act of 28 July 2005 on spa treatment, health resorts and protection zones of health resorts and health resort municipalities – it is an area where spa therapy is provided, dedicated for the use and protection of its natural medicinal resources. If a given area meets the above requirements, it obtains the status of a health resort.

Polish health Spas tradition dates back to the 13th century. The country rich of therapeutic mineral waters and therapeutic mud allow many disorders to be treated in Poland. There are over 40 towns which are registered as health spas due to their natural resources. They are spread all over the country: in the Central of Poland, in the mountains, by the Baltic Sea.

Polish health Spas provide package treatments that include accommodation at sanatorium, full board, medical care with physiotherapy. Everyone can benefit from the expertise of doctors, dieticians, beauticians or trained professionals that they are at your disposal while visiting a spa in Poland. In addition to modern treatment facilities they offer wide range of outdoor and indoor entertainment. They have excellent conditions for active recreation- hiking, biking, walking routes in spa parks,  pump rooms for drinking mineral water.The guest can stay all year round, modern and stylish boarding houses, sanatoriums, rehabilitation hospitals.

Polish spas are not only for people with health problems, but also for those who seek peace and quiet for resting. They are usually located in tranquil, idyllic settings that offer visitors the true escape from everyday problems. Whatever ailment you are looking to cure, Poland is sure to have a center specially equipped to deal with your problem.

ACCESSIBLE POLAND TOURS assists to choose accommodation, treatment, transfers from the airport according to your requirements. We also provide adapted transport. We present only a few of over 40 Health Spas which we believe they are the best well known in Poland and all over the world.